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The Culture of Peace Program is organized and implemented by an international, interdisciplinary network of professionals who to serve the needs of organizations and institutions requesting it. We are not a legal entity with its own projects, but rather work as independent consultants under the auspices and projects of the contracting clients.
We are a multidisciplinary, international team consisting of professionals in diverse fields such as education, psychology, family therapy, social work, anthropology, socioeconomic development, environment, law, management, ICTs, social communication, audiovisual production, and others.
The Culture of Peace Program is the result of over 20 years of study and field experience. In addition to specialized input from each team member, it has been enriched by Nur University’s Program for Agents of Change and the Social Development Program (PRODES) from Bolivia, the Center for Civic Education’s Project Citizen out of California, UNESCO’s Culture of Peace Movement, and other projects and programs.


  • Peter Newton

    With an M.A. in Education and postgraduate studies in anthropology, social development and administration, Peter specializes in training agents of social change for a culture of peace.
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  • Juanita Hernandez

    With an M.A. in Social Development from Universidad Núr, Bolivia, Juanita is a researcher, author and trainer in the fields of education, transformative leadership and development.
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  • Graciela Salgado

    An educator with a Doctorate in Educational Research, Graciela specializes in participatory leadership training and is the Training Coordinator for the Fundación Horizonte.
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