The New Law of the Jungle: Economic Development and Culture of Peace

After seven decades of systematic programs of economic development, poverty has worsened, our natural resources have been squandered, and the market has destabilized. This course will explore why historical approaches to development have not been successful and what alternative concepts and practices can foster sustainable global prosperity.


Target Population:

Designed for people who wish to seek business alternatives for sustainable economic development.


Performance Goal:

At the end of this course, participants will be able to apply the principles and practices of sustainable development to their business activities.


Learning Objectives:

In order to achieve this goal, during the course students will learn to:

1. Diagnose the root causes of today’s socioeconomic dilemmas and assess strategies proposed to solve them.

2. Critically analyze prevailing assumptions that underlie the predominant socioeconomic order and outline a new conceptual framework for sustainable development.

3. Identify historical ‘referents’ and current trends that offer alternative models for sustainable socioeconomic development.



1. Two-hour introductory speeches

2. 40-hour participatory workshops

3. Two-month online courses

4. Full college/graduate level courses