Transformative Education for a Culture of Peace

Education is meant not only to reproduce our culture, but also to transform it, and the role of teachers is vital to building a new world. This course will cover approaches and strategies for training primary and secondary students as agents of social transformation towards a culture of peace.


Target Population:

Meant for teachers, particularly at primary and secondary level, as well as teacher trainers. It is advisable to take the other courses of the program to round out their training.


Performance Goal:

At the end of this course, participants will be able to apply various approaches and strategies to train their students as agents of social transformation towards a culture of peace.


Learning Objectives:

In order to achieve this goal, during the course students will learn to:

1. Manage the basic concepts of the pedagogy of peace.

2. Cultivate an awareness of world citizenship, interculturality, and respect and appreciation for human diversity.

3. Apply cooperative learning approaches and use cooperative dynamics, games and sports to teach win-win attitudes and teamwork.

4. Foster non-adversarial models of school administration and student organization.

5. Practice non-violent methods of discipline and promote non-violence among students.



1. Two-hour introductory speeches

2. 40-hour participatory workshops

3. Two-month online courses

4. Full college/graduate level courses