Transformative Leadership for a Culture of Peace

One of the best ways to promote a culture of peace is as a group leader. However, there are common styles that reproduce old adversarial models, which this course helps to question and replace with the capabilities of a more constructive type of leadership.


Target Population:

Designed for people who now have or may eventually have a role as a group leader, and who wish to use that position to foster a culture of peace.


Performance Goal:

At the end of this course, participants will be able to apply the elements of the conceptual framework of peace leadership to their personal lives and in the organizations they are part of.


Learning Objectives:

In order to achieve this goal, during the course students will learn to:

1. Interpret contemporary events in the light of a suitable historical perspective and the role that leadership plays in them.

2. Critically analyze prevailing mental models about the nature of human beings, society and leadership, and point out their deficiencies.

3. Apply the elements of a new conceptual framework of leadership to a culture of peace, in order to strengthen the process of their own personal transformation and contribute more effectively to transforming the groups they are part of.



1. Two-hour introductory speeches

2. 40-hour participatory workshops

3. Two-month online courses

4. Full college/graduate level courses